Save the Pirate!
29 October 2020
Yo Ho Ho! Pirates, we’re 2 million already!
Yo Ho Ho! Pirates, we’re 2 million already!

We’re not planning to show off our treasures, but the audience of our Save the Piratemobile game has passed the 2 million users mark! It’s only 3 months since we launched the game, and there are already so many of us!

Thank you for following our pirate’s universe and his adventures. In turn, our team is on all cylinders working on new levels and continuation of the Save the Pirate story! 

Thank you for saving the hero with us. It’s going to be even more interesting further, be sure of that! New Easter eggs and references, new evil-doers and dangerous adventures. Everything is for you 😊

Raise the Jolly Roger on this occasion! And we are going back to work on new levels) Yo Ho Ho!

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